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Welcome to the Journal of Daylighting

Irfan Ullah*

Author affiliations

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Daylighting

* Corresponding author. Tel.: +82 10 27477520
E-mail address: irfan@solarlits.com

History: Received 30 November 2014 | Accepted 1 December 2014 | Published online 22 December 2014

Copyright: © 2014 The Author(s). Published by solarlits.com. This is an open access article under the CC BY license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

Citation: Irfan Ullah, Welcome to the Journal of Daylighting, Journal of Daylighting 1 (2014) 1. http://dx.doi.org/10.15627/jd.2014.7


Announcements; News; Publication; Daylighting

I am delighted to welcome you to a newly launched Solarlits electronic journal: the Journal of Daylighting (JD). As the Editor-in-Chief of JD it is a great pleasure to introduce the inaugural issue of this new, open-access, bi-annual journal to readers, researchers, future authors, and colleagues. The decision by SolarLits to launch this new journal is very timely. Because the growth of lighting demand is increasing due to rising average illuminance levels in buildings, more attention has been paid to introduce daylighting in buildings, which will sustainably reduce the overall energy consumption in buildings. JD will serve as a new international platform for researchers to share advances in daylighting.

As an international, peer-reviewed research journal it will exclusively cover the vibrant and diverse field of daylighting technologies and applications. JD will serve as an interdisciplinary forum for the scientific and research community active in daylighting and its applications. Topics will include, but not limited to: daylighting and hybrid lighting systems, lighting and daylighting simulation, lighting designs, lighting metrology and light quality, lighting control, building physics - lighting, building energy modeling, energy efficient buildings, zero-energy buildings, indoor environment quality, sustainable solar energy systems, application of solar energy sources in buildings, building-integrated photovoltaics, and solar thermal and concentrator technology. I will work with the Associate Editors, the Editorial Board, and the scientific and engineering research community to make JD a primary journal for the dissemination of breakthrough results, discussion of key challenges, and topics in daylighting. JD will publish full-length research articles, review articles, book reviews, and short communications.

With the growing need of energy generation by solar applications and energy-saving in buildings, the new journal hopes to spark further research and development in this promising and dynamic field.

It is an honor that so many distinguished scientists have been willing to support this initiative, and have joined the board as Associate Editors or as members of the Editorial Board. I also welcome the support from the many reviewers that have agreed to lend their expertise to the new journal.

The success of this journal will be largely determined by time-to-publication and impact. A paper is acceptable for publication in JD only when, in addition to being correct technically, it also adds a new and important result to the field. To serve authors efficiently and quickly, all manuscripts submitted to JD will undergo editorial board review prior to entering the peer-review system. This allows manuscripts not appropriate for the journal to be returned quickly to authors so that their time is not wasted and that the peer-review system is not needlessly burdened.

The papers published in this first issue are mainly contributed by Editors and the Editorial Board. Papers describe importance of daylighting and represent the intended scope of the journal. The inaugural issue consists of an impressive and diverse set of papers. There are six research articles in this issue.

On behalf of the editorial board of JD, we are not only prepared to serve you better, but also strongly encourage you to be part of our publishing family by contributing your cutting edge and novel ideas periodically.

I sincerely hope that the new Journal of Daylighting will be adopted by readers and authors, and that it will be able to make an important contribution to the development of daylighting community and the scientific achievements in this field. It is our earnest hope that JD will become your number one choice for rapid, peer-reviewed publication of your highest-quality research in daylighting.

Once again, I would like to thank the distinguished Associate Editors, the members of the Editorial Board, and our panel of peer reviewers for their excellent advice, suggestions and contributions during the birth of this first issue. I wish to thank current and future authors and readers for their support, and wish Journal of Daylighting all success!

Irfan Ullah

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Daylighting

Copyright © 2014 The Author(s). Published by solarlits.com.

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